Villager transports in Minecraft

November 1, 2022

Villager transports in Minecraft

Villagers can be turned into traders, making them one of Minecraft's most lucrative mobs. They can be traded with players to obtain a variety of items including emeralds.

Many players love to create a trader room in the game and keep those villagers who offer the highest trades. It's not as simple as it seems to move the villagers. They will often wander off in their own direction and not follow the player.

3 Beds

Although this is the most tedious method, it works as well as any other. When it gets dark, the villagers will attempt to fall asleep. The players will then have to take down all the beds in the village.

If there are no beds, players can make all the villagers walk to it, and they will try to sleep on it. Players can get the village to follow their lead by placing and removing beds in certain locations.

This works at night so it's unsafe to transport villages through dark areas. Many mobs will attack both the player as well as the villager.

2) Boats

A villager will automatically be pushed towards a boat and can't escape if it is there. Once the villager has been placed inside the boat, players can mount the boat and control it to transport the villager anywhere they wish. This works well and is very efficient, as boats are simple to craft.

1) Minecart and rails

Villagers will be seated in minecarts beside them, and they cannot get out at their own volition. This technique can be used by players to transport villagers. Players simply need to put down rails and push the minecart in the desired directions.

If players plan to drive the minecart up steep terrains, it is a good idea to use some powered rails. This will make your life easier and save you a lot of time.