Minecrafter stranded in lava

November 14, 2022

Minecrafter stranded in lava

Minecraft players often find it difficult to travel in the Nether. This is the most dangerous dimension in Minecraft, but the End has the void and could take the crown. There are many hostile mobs all around, some exclusive to the Nether, and others that can be even more dangerous.

This creates difficulties for players but can be overcome with the Peaceful difficulty setting or other items. The Nether also has lava and fire. The Netherrack is always on fire, and players may find themselves in the middle of oceans of lava.

There is a safe way to safely cross these lava oceans. The 1.16 update added a new feature called Striders. They can be used to ride a saddle and walk across lava without any difficulty. If players forget to grab the stick, they will be directed with warped mushrooms on a stick.

Minecraft Redditor jumps on strider sans warped fungus to get stuck

The 1.16 update introduced warped fungus and striders. Mojang had completely redesigned the Nether. The game's most valuable addition is the strider, but it only works if the players know how to ride them.

This player recalls that they can't be ridden without a saddle. This is a very common Redditor event. They had a strider attached to a lead by a fence post with a saddle.

They had used the strider before, and they kept it for their lava travelling needs. They were completely at the mercy the strider this time. This prompted them to say:

Because there was no way to return to the platform holding the warped fungus, it was a mistake. It's impossible to predict how long it will take for the strider for the player to reach safe exit.

After about 20 seconds, the video was over. They were likely to have remained there for quite a while.

One commenter compared it to a real-life situation in which someone might be completely uncontrollable.

Another commentator said that the player would be better off relaxing and enjoying their ride.

This is something players will want to avoid. To avoid being stuck on a strider, players must ensure that they are doing it correctly.

A warped fungus on sticks functions in the same way as a carrot on a stick, but with a different mob. Both striders and pigs require saddles. These can be fished or found in chests.

The saddle can be placed on the strider by players, but they should not move the saddle. The strider may take off if they do. Crafters should ensure that they have their warped fungal fungus on a stick before getting on the mob.

They can then jump onboard and take the mob anywhere they wish. They'll end up in the middle of a volcano, just like this Minecraft player.