Microsoft’s Minecraft migration

December 2, 2022

Microsoft’s Minecraft migration

Minecraft's account migration from Microsoft to Minecraft is underway. However, some players aren't completely satisfied. Mojang claims that the move will improve security and provide more safety features. However, some accounts have been locked out. This is a mandatory move.

The migration was first revealed last month and is primarily security-focused. After you make the switch, you can use two factor authentication. Some players are upset that you will need to migrate your account in order to continue playing Minecraft after March 10.

Docm77, a Minecraft content creator, calls the account migration the “biggest error in the history of Minecraft” via Twitter. The reason is that if you have more than one account you will be required to create a Microsoft account for each. This issue can lead to your Microsoft account being locked due to certain terms-of-service stipulations. This isn't something that every Minecraft fan will have to deal with, but it can be a problem for content creators or those who just like to play the game. They may need to create more Microsoft accounts. There are many reports on social media that players are having difficulty making the jump.

You don't have to migrate your account yet. Learn how you can do it here. It may not seem like a big deal to many players because of the popularity of Xbox Game Pass. Many of us already have the Windows app installed so it doesn't mean much to them that you can use it to launch Minecraft Launcher if they want.

The account migration is happening ahead of the Minecraft The Wild release, which is scheduled for sometime in this year. To learn more, check out the guide at this link.