Friendly fire in Minecraft and how to deal with it

December 17, 2022

Friendly fire in Minecraft and how to deal with it

It's always fun to play video games with friends, and Minecraft is no exception. The title has had both single- and multiplayer options since its inception. In 2009, Minecraft added the multiplayer option.

Twelve years later, Minecraft's multiplayer has made great strides. Mega servers can host thousands of players at once. Administrators and moderators may have to deal with large numbers of players.

Many settings are available in Minecraft for multiplayer servers. They may not be sufficient for all players, but they can still be used to create a healthy multiplayer community.

This article will discuss Friendly Fire in Minecraft, and how to enable/disable.

Friendly Fire in Minecraft

Players can modify various game rules in Minecraft by using settings and commands. Changes to regulations and settings can affect gameplay features such as entity cramming limits, skip count, tick speed, and so on. Some are not available on multiplayer servers.

Friendly Fire, an option in Minecraft that allows players to attack one another, is enabled. Friendly Fire cannot be disabled so players can't engage in PVP battles. Friendly Fire is always enabled on PVP servers, but it's usually disabled on peaceful servers.

The Friendly Fire option was shown to Bedrock players during world creation. Friendly Fire is automatically turned on by default. Friendly Fire is always on when players join the game. Players can attack each other if they are both on.

How to disable Friendly Fire on Minecraft

Friendly Fire can sometimes cause unexpected betrayals by Minecraft friends. PVP battles are quite common. There is nothing to do but fight back when you're caught in one. Friendly Fire can be disabled in Minecraft to avoid these situations.

Bedrock players must use the PVP rule command to disable Friendly Fire. Players can disable PVP in Java Edition by using the server settings provided to them by their host.

To disable Friendly Fire, Bedrock players will need to use cheats. Once cheats have been enabled, enter the following command into the chatbox and hit the Enter key.

/gamerule pvp false

Once you press enter, Friendly Fire in Minecraft will be disabled. Friendly Fire can be enabled by setting the condition to true.

Commands have a downside. The achievement system will be permanently disabled if a player allows cheats. Cheats in Minecraft Bedrock will result in players not receiving achievements.