Best locations to plant your crops in Minecraft

January 24, 2023

Best locations to plant your crops in Minecraft

Survival Mode requires Minecraft players to eat, so growing crops is the best way to do that.

Simple crops such as carrots, wheat, beetroot and potatoes are best if they can grow in many locations. Some areas are more suitable for crop growth than others, depending on the availability of water and land surface.

Players will need a lot of land to turn into farmland and water to grow the crops, so they'll want certain biomes or locations to target.

Five great spots that are ideal for starting farms in Minecraft 1.18

1) Beaches

The proximity to water is an important advantage for growing crops in Minecraft. And what better water source than the vast ocean? Players can easily grow their crops by bringing their farmland dirt blocks along to a beach.

You can also grow underwater crops and plants that thrive in the sand. You can also grow standard crops like sugar cane, sea grass, sea grass and kelp if you have coral blocks.

2) Savanna

Savanna biomes have a similar scope to plain biomes. They can be used to create farmland in Minecraft. Even though they have different trees, it shouldn't matter if a player needs logs to construct the farm perimeter. Acacia wood is just as good as any other.

Savanna biomes have a lot of wildlife. This means that there are a lot more livestock mobs than other biomes. This allows players to create great crop farms and keep animals such as wool, pork, beef, chicken, and other meats.

3) Somewhere close to bees

Their ability to pollinate crops is one of the most overlooked upsides of bee mobs. When bees leave their nests or hives, they look for pollen-rich flowers nearby. The bees return to their nests after they have collected all the pollen. The pollen has the same effect as bone meal and can increase crop growth.

You can either set up your farm next to a bee nest or build your own hives. The pollen will be beneficial as long as the bees are visiting their farm from nearby flowers.

4) In lakes and ponds

Water is the primary catalyst for growth in standard crops. Players can save time by simply putting a partially constructed farm into a lake or stream to avoid having to gather water buckets for placement.

Players will never run out of water in a terraced lake farm. Also, players can bring along various block types such as sand to allow them to grow desert- and beach-friendly crops. You can also use lakewater to collect crops if the water flows in a particular direction. Players may want to try different layouts to find the best one.

5) Plains

Plain biomes have enough dirt blocks to allow Minecraft players to farm anywhere they want. They are great for their flat terrain. This gives you plenty of space to build your dream farm. Plain biomes have rivers and lakes adjacent, so water access is not an issue.

Plain biomes are similar to savanna biomes and have a lot of livestock. This allows them to grow crops and livestock simultaneously.